Fascinating luxury stroller

You've never seen such fascinating strollers before! Nostalgic strollers made of metal that will bring a smile to the faces of adults and encourage children to race for hours. If only we were little again and could sit in these chic Baghera cars that steal the show with their bright colours and fun designs. Since that won't be possible, we can only see all the advantages of this toy from our role as parents. These Baghera cars are made of quality material and are made with the greatest of craftsmanship.

This makes it a very durable toy that can be passed down from generation to generation in the family.

Little racing drivers and princesses from 12 months of age will learn to drive with the help of a car and will also learn a lesson in good taste. The Baghera buggy is sturdy and has character. Classic, elegant or with a retro look - the choice is yours! If you get on your nerves because of the noise made by the plastic wheels of regular cars, then it's time to buy a Baghera pushchair. The rubber tyres of this fascinating metal stroller guarantee fun in the race and calm the nerves of mums. A Baghera stroller is easy to move and quiet. Whether at home on a concrete floor or in a house with "sensitive neighbours" downstairs, the Baghera stroller can also be used indoors because it doesn't disturb anyone with noise.

These strollers help develop a child's motor skills. This multidirectional ride on allows the little future driver to work on his leg muscles, control and improve his balance and exercise his hand coordination when driving.

Made of durable metal, the Baghera stroller is sturdy, solid and safe on the most common terrains that a child can walk. Some feature ergonomic seating and the rubber tires of the push machine also ensure that the little driver feels comfortable. Parents are also going back to childhood with this vehicle that will remain parked in the living room or in any room as decoration. Mom and dad will want to see their child take the wheel of such a beautiful car and push it to make up stories of adventures or explorations. An eye-catching, chic, durable and safe to drive gift, made in France.

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